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Welcome to FamilyMoney, your premier destination for everything related to family finance. With over two decades of experience in the financial sector, we’re dedicated to helping you make more insightful financial decisions for your family and providing the most relevant and practical information on various topics, including homeowner loans, mortgages, and personal finance. At Family Money, we are not just a portal but a partner in your financial journey. Discover the difference today!

Drawing on high-quality sources such as The Financial Times, Bank of England, MoneySaving, and HM Revenue & Customs and the unique experience of our researchers, we craft content that is not just informative but essential to understanding the financial landscape. Each piece of content is clear, concise, and balanced, giving you a fair and objective perspective. 

Please explore our vast library of resources and check the financial regulator’s website before making any financial decision. After gaining a solid understanding of the financial product, proceed confidently with one of our award-winning financial solutions, specially tailored to offer the best possible terms. 

Personal Finance UK

A woman is shown calculating her gas and electric bills


Save tons of money on your household bills, from broadband to mobile & home energy.

Girl buying clothes online using Clearpay as a payment option


Shopping tips, fraud protection, buying goods online and your rights as a consumer.

A couple are shown using a balance transfer credit card online

Credit Cards

Find ideal UK credit card, optimize balance transfers and make good financial decisions on credit cards.

Why car insurance premiums have risen so dramatically in the UK


Find out how to get the best deals on all your insurance needs, from cars & bikes to home & travel.

A couple are speaking with their personal loan adviser


UK loans info covering bad credit options, payday loans, credit scores, refusals, and safeguarding personal data.

The later stages of mortgage applications – From offer to completion


Mortgage advice: first-time buying, mortgage strategies, remortgaging, interest rates, home ownership challenges.

Couple is calculating income tax - Family Money

Tax & Benefits

Tax & Benefits info on income tax, benefits, car tax, inheritance tax, VAT, national insurance, and more.

Young man in his first car - Family Money

Financial Blog

Check out or blog covering credit scores, credit reference agencies, budgeting, saving money and more.

The FamilyMoney Excellence Award

The FamilyMoney Excellence Award is our way to guarantee we recommend our readers peace of mind. We often receive requests from readers to suggest financial products and companies. While we cannot provide financial advice to our website, visitors, we have gone a step ahead and introduced an award to acknowledge UK companies that put in extra effort for their customers. 

The FamilyMoney Award of Excellence recognises UK finance companies that lead by example and provide outstanding customer service. We have established an essential set of areas we investigate before deciding if a company qualifies for our award;

  • Website Security
  • Clarity and Transparency
  • UK Operation (not offshore call centres)
  • Ease Of Contact
  • Privacy and GDPR compliance
  • Genuine Validated Reviews
  • Feedback From Real Customers
  • Fair Complaints Procedure