Our Authors

Our authors are the key to success for Family Money and we are fortunate to have dedicated writers who love to write informative and helpful articles.

Meet our team of authors on Family Money:

Thomas Henderson

Thomas worked as a consultant in personal finance in the UK for 18 years. He has found a passion in sharing his experience on familymoney.co.uk

Thomas also takes pleasure in woodworking, reading and observing stock market trends.

Pat Harding

Pat is a former UK high street bank employee of 25 years who writes amazing and helpful articles for familymoney.co.uk

Some of Pat's areas of expertise include household finance, travel and insurance, savings and loans, pensions and day to day money management.

Faith Hastings

Faith is a proud mother of three and runs a busy home. She has a lot of experience in housefold finance and loves to write articles for familymoney.co.uk

Faith enjoys shopping, travelling and spending time with her family.

Megan Walsh

Megan, a former employee of over 20 years in the insurance industry, is devoted to sharing her valuable insights on familymoney.co.uk

Apart from her interest in insurance, Megan also enjoys painting, gardening and keeping up with current affairs.

Guest Author

Our guest author position features different guest authors who have been invited to write interesting and compelling articles for Familymoney.co.uk