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Saving Money On Your Broadband Bills

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According to the industry regulator, Ofcom, the average bill for broadband connection in the UK is £16.90 a month. However, many consumers are paying as much as £69 a year too much because they’re on the wrong deal, or they’re paying the ‘loyalty penalty’ for not having changed their providers or taken out a new contract after their introductory deal came to an end.

How can I lower the cost of my broadband bill?

There are a number of ways to reduce broadband bills. The first is to examine your data package and make sure that it suits your usage. For example, if you only use the internet for browsing or social media, you don’t need the fast internet speeds and unlimited data of some contracts. On the other hand, paying extra to top up your internet package because you’ve surpassed your limit can be much more expensive than upgrading your package.

The number of fixed broadband UK connections in 2017 was 26 million

Other ways to cut your broadband bills are to take out a bundled package. Putting together a tailor-made package of your broadband together with your landline and TV can be significantly cheaper than having them supplied by different companies.

Cutting the administrative costs can also help to cut down how much you pay for broadband bills. Paying by direct debit, paying your annual line rental upfront and switching to paperless billing are all ways to make savings.

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Like many other service providers, customers can often be hit by a ‘loyalty penalty’ in that the best deals are reserved for new customers. You should use at least two price comparison sites to get information about what deals are available. This doesn’t mean that you necessarily have to switch supplier, but it will give you the necessary ‘ammunition’ in your call to the Disconnections/Retentions Department of your present provider. You should calmly explain the situation and use the research you’ve done to haggle for a better deal than your present contract.

How can I switch broadband provider?

Before you think about switching broadband providers, you should check your contract with your present supplier. The vast majority of contracts run for 12-24 months. The only way to cancel early is if a recent price hike has had a major effect on your expenses. If this isn’t true, then you might end up paying hefty exit fees to leave early. The best time to start looking around for a new provider is 4-6 weeks before your contract expires. Most broadband providers allow you to cancel the service as long as you give 30 days’ notice.

There are 2 ways to switch broadband providers, and which one you use depends on which suppliers you’re changing from/to. The first is ‘Gaining Provider Led’ which means you notify the new provider of the name of your old supplier and when your contract expires, and everything else will be done for you. The other way is to switch via ‘Cease and Re-Provide’ when you first need to cancel your old service contract and then notify the new company.

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