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Sports Travel Insurance – You Should Consider It?

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If you intend to do more than just lie on a beach when you go on holiday, then the chances are that you and your family will probably take part in physical activity which, although you may not think of it as such, is classed as sporting activity by your insurer. Part of the pleasure of being on holiday is being able to do things spontaneously, but will your standard travel insurance necessarily cover you?

In this article about sports travel insurance we will look at:

  • The sporting activities that are covered by standard travel insurance
  • Why it is important to read your insurance documents
  • The types of sports insurance available
  • The range of cover provided by sports insurance

Standard travel insurance and the cover it provides for sporting activities

Your standard travel insurance policy will probably cover you for low risk activities such as camping or river fishing. Each insurer will have a different definition of what is classed as an extreme sport. You might be surprised to learn that some insurers will class horse riding or riding on an inflatable banana as extreme sports and consequently any injury incurred would not be covered by the standard policy. Specialist sports equipment, which is lost or stolen, is also unlikely to be covered by a standard travel insurance policy.

Always read your travel insurance documents

If you don’t read your insurance documents, you could be in for a nasty surprise if something goes wrong. Only 12% of British travellers read all their insurance documents. Many people assume that activities like swimming with dolphins and golfing are covered by standard travel insurance but in most cases they are not.

Only 12% of British travellers read all their insurance documents

If you decide to do something spontaneous on holiday, double check your insurance policy and if necessary, call your insurer for clarification.

What sort of sports insurance is best for you?

If you and your family are planning a sporting activity whilst on holiday, there may be a specific type of policy that is right for you. There are separate insurance packages that cover water sports, winter sports and extreme sports. These can be arranged as single trip packages or if you intend to make regular trips, as an annual package.

For extended trips, a backpacker’s travel insurance will cover you for more than sixty consecutive days and can be tailored to your sporting activities. Sports insurance can be purchased as individual cover or as family or group cover.

What is covered by sports insurance?

The details of your cover will depend on the type of sports insurance that you purchase. Most extreme sports, such as climbing, will be covered by a Winter Sports Insurance, which will cover you for rescue and medical costs, which in some cases could be as high as £90,000. It will also cover loss or damage to your equipment and several things which you may not have considered, such as piste closure, avalanche delay, loss of your ski pass and personal liability insurance should you accidentally injure someone else.

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