How To Save Money On Cosmetics And Makeup

Women in the UK fuel the cosmetics industry be spending an average of 343 pounds a year on their makeup needs. This includes anti-wrinkle face creams and over the counter cosmetics. The household bill for all the family’s toiletry needs can run into thousands over the course of the year.

In this article about saving money on cosmetics and make up we shall take a look at:

  • Saving money on cosmetics bills
  • Whether expensive make up is that much better
  • Ways to cut corners when buying cosmetics
  • Making your own face creams
  • Collecting coupons and samples of cosmetics
  • Changing your shopping habits
  • Using less to get the same results

Huge savings can be made on annual cosmetics bills

The money spent every year on beauty products per household can be quite a big chunk of the shopping budget. We need these items in order to feel clean and beautiful so they cannot be cut out of our lives, but there are simple ways to cut down of the amount of money that goes into buying these pricey items. Read on to learn some helpful tips on how you can save a substantial amount of money every year without compromising your beauty routine.

Should I wear expensive make up

Once upon a time the answer would have been a definite yes, but not so much nowadays. Big firms are creating products that look suspiciously like their more expensive equivalent. Many high street stores have their own ranges of make up and perfumes that have been tried and tested numerous times by the public with surprisingly positive results. Many people preferred the cheaper version to the one costing hundreds of pounds.

The global cosmetics industry is  growing at a rate of 7% a year

The bad thing about cheaper cosmetics is that you do not have the opportunity to try them in the same way that can be done in a large department store with the more expensive brands. A foundation that will cover your entire face is something not worth scrimping on if you have found the right product that gives you a satisfying, good coverage. Cheaper brands can be harder to apply and not last as long.

Where can corners be cut regarding make up

Experts recommend that you stick to your tried and tested foundation and a good, long lasting lipstick. With a good base to cling to, cheaper eye shadows can replace more expensive types, hardly compromising the finished result. Mascaras, that should be replaced every few months for hygiene reasons, can also be replaced by a cheaper brand. Blusher is another product that can be skimped on, as long as there is a good base for it to be worn on. When make up is applied with the right brushes it will look professional, so make sure you invest in a good brush set.

A picture of a professional makeup brush set

Try making your own creams and face masks

The internet is full of recipes for soothing masks and face creams made from everyday items that you may already have in your cupboards or can easily purchase from the supermarket. You don’t need to buy a chemical concoction to see good results, some of the most effective anti-ageing ingredients are supplied by mother nature. Almond and coconut oil have emollient and antioxidant properties that when combined with beeswax, shea butter and vitamin E oil can produce a natural, inexpensive anti-ageing face cream can be easily made at home.

The internet is full of recipes for soothing masks and face creams made from everyday items that you may already have in your cupboards or can easily purchase from the supermarket.

So what have we learned so far?

  • Women spend an average 343 pounds a year on cosmetics in the UK
  • Combined with a bill for toiletries, this adds up to a lot of money every year
  • Cheaper versions of expensive make up can provide similar results
  • Buy expensive foundation and lipstick, but scrimp on mascara, blusher and eyeshadow
  • Mother nature has all the ingredients to make great facial products at home

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Collect free cosmetic samples and use coupons

All products usually have samples available so that people can try before they buy. Don’t be shy, ask at make up counters for free samples as they will not always be on display, but the salespeople will always happily hand them over. By collecting discount coupons and buying products when they are on special offer you can double the value of the discount coupon and save a lot of cash. Become more flexible with the brands that you choose to buy and take the one that is discounted. They usually do the same thing.

A lady is sampling cosmetics at a drugstore before she buys

Change your shopping habits to find the best deals

Stop buying out of habit and think about how much you really need a product before you put it in your shopping basket. Another thing to think about is how many similar products that you haven’t used are sitting at home half full? Make sure that you use up any half empty bottles before buying more. The internet can have great deals on cosmetics and toiletries, you just have to look. Pound shops have many of the same items for a pound that can cost three times more in supermarkets. Okay, the writing may be in Bulgarian, but do you really need to read the instructions to shampoo and condition your hair?

Use less than you see on the television

Advertisers will show people using big dollops of their product in order to get the job done. You can clean your hair just as well with a small amount of shampoo, as with a big handful. Tooth paste is another thing that we all cover our tooth brushes with from one end to the other, but do we really need to, when a pea sized blob will do the job.

So what conclusions can we draw about saving money on cosmetics?

There are savings to be had if you are prepared to be a little more flexible regarding the products that you use. Expensive beauty products can be mixed with less expensive ones to create a balanced mix that will not be noticeable. If you are prepared to switch to special offers on a few favourite brands then you’ll save a considerable amount of cash every time you buy. You can try to make your own cosmetics and even gift them to friends on special occasions to save money there. By using less product you will get the same results, so try to remember to stop overusing.

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