A Home Makeover Doesn’t Have To Cost A Fortune

Re-decorating and home makeovers not only make you feel better about your home, but they can add value to the property. There might be many things you would like to change about your home, but you don’t have the money to go about it. This brief guide gives you plenty of ideas for home refurbishment when you’re on a budget. You’ll be able to read about:

  • De-clutter and rearrange
  • Changing the look of walls and floors
  • Upcycle old furniture
  • Improving your kitchen and bathroom
  • A makeover of the outside of your house

De-clutter and rearrange

One of the easiest ways to radically change the look of any room is to get rid of some of the stuff that is cluttering up the place. You’ll be amazed by the difference it makes and how much better you feel psychologically.

If you still need the things you have lying around but have limited storage space, it’s worth buying something to put your belongings in. Old wooden chests and wicker baskets can be found second-hand at reasonable prices and are stylish alternatives which can be incorporated into the design of the room.

UK homeowners spend £23,000 on average on home renovations

Even rearranging the furniture can make a difference and is completely free. Look at ways to welcome in natural light or to clear a doorway and don’t be afraid to experiment. Think about how furniture might look in a different room too.

Changing the look of walls and floors

If you don’t have the time to do the whole house – start gradually room by room. Once you have de-cluttered, strip old wallpaper from walls and repair any damage. You could repaint in a neutral shade; off-white is always popular since it reflects the light and gives rooms a spacious feel.

Having one wall in a bold colour or covered in eye-catching wallpaper can give the room a new look if you don’t have the time or money to repaint the entire room. Watch online tutorials about how to do colour blocking, applying stencils or wall decals. These are all inexpensive ways to change the wall decoration.

The outside of a UK house undergoing repairs

Cover bare walls with your own photo or art gallery. Use a range of shapes, sizes and designs of frames to add dimensions to these personalised displays. If your house has its original floorboards, sand/stain or repaint them and buy an inexpensive colourful rug to match the walls and furniture.

Upcycle old furniture

Old wooden chairs, stools, benches and furniture can easily be improved by stripping off the old paint and then varnishing them or repainting them in a colour to match the room. They might be items you already possess or ones that you have bought cheaply second-hand.

One of the easiest ways to radically change the look of any room is to get rid of some of the stuff that is cluttering up the place.

It isn’t worth reupholstering modern sofas and armchairs as it costs more than their value. However, if they are looking a little shabby, they can be improved by accessories like throws or new cushion covers. You don’t need to be an expert at sewing to make these accessories. The materials can come from recycled old clothes, etc. or you could buy cheap fabrics at markets or the haberdashery departments of larger stores. They often sell off last season’s designs or end-of-rolls at bargain prices.

Improving your kitchen

If you don’t have the money to replace all the fitted units in your kitchen or if you like the layout and existing storage space, the easiest way to give your kitchen a makeover is to replace only parts of the units. For example, the doors and the drawer and cupboard handles. This can make a difference to the look of the kitchen and is also much less disruptive than ripping out all the units.

A builder making repairs to the roof of a house

Another relatively inexpensive change is to replace the worktop with a laminate one; there are many colours and designs available. Self-adhesive kitchen tiles are also easy to attach even if you have no experience and can be easily matched to the worktop, units and overall kitchen colour scheme.

Transforming the bathroom

You don’t need to spend a lot of money having a new bathroom suite installed since the purchase of a few bathroom accessories can transform it. Replacing the laundry hamper with a wicker one, adding bamboo or colourful blinds and buying a new soap-dish or towel hangers can make the room look more luxurious. Adding moisture-loving greenery like ferns can make a huge difference to the entire room.

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A makeover of the outside of the house

Front doors can be expensive to replace, but a new coat of paint can transform a shabby-looking door. Also, instead of changing the whole entrance, smarten it up by adding flowering plant pots. Put your own personal stamp on the house by buying a new doormat, number sign, postbox and/or purchase a personalised plaque to hang near the front door.

The outside of the house can be inexpensively painted in masonry paint. An ugly exterior can be disguised by planting a climbing plant which can be trained to go up the wall. The rest of the garden can gradually be improved by adding plant pots or getting cuttings to add some colour.

Conclusion – A makeover for under £100

A home or garden makeover can’t be achieved in one day especially if you’re on a budget. Think of it as a work in progress and tackle one room or one aspect of your home at a time. By learning useful DIY skills, buying second-hand and upcycling and sourcing from the right places, you’ll be able to create the home of your dreams even if you’re short of funds. Many of our ideas are free or will cost well under £100.

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