How To Keep Children Safe On The Internet

Isn’t it just amazing how children get familiar with technologies nowadays? Even the applications that are complicated for some adults, children understand and use with ease. But in the era of the internet, adults must do their best to keep children and teenagers safe from different risks that lurk from various websites and social networks.

Categories of abuse on the internet

There are various ways of children abuse on the internet. Some of them are done by adults, and others are used by other kids. Most dangerous of them are cyberbullying, sexting and grooming but there are other ways of abuse, as well.

  • Cyberbullying is used to upset, intimidate and threaten other persons via mobile phones or the internet. It can affect a child at school, but at home as well. It is not limited by physical barriers, as it takes place in the virtual world.
  • Sexting consists of sending a seminude or nude photo to a close friend or relative, who later, in case of a quarrel or anger shares this photo with another small group of people, or even publicly. Children and teenagers are often not informed that having or sharing these images can be a criminal offence and considered pornography.
  • Grooming is gaining a child’s trust and lower the child’s inhibitions. This is the way of preparation of the child for sexual activity or another form of exploitation.

Ways of children protection on the internet

It is crucial to protect a child from these methods of abuse, but it is also difficult to track a child’s activities on the internet permanently. If your teenage child uses Snapchat, for example, and you wonder how to spy on someones Snapchat, there are tools to help you follow your child’s daily activities, even from your mobile phone.

Checking the history of internet searches is one way of knowing what websites your child visits

Checking the history of internet searches is one way of knowing what websites your child visits. You can also see whose profiles child checked on the internet and so on.

Talk to your children about the internet abuse

Very often children are not aware of internet predators and online abuse. The essential thing is to talk with them and explain how the whole online system works. Even the images and text they upload to, and that is deleted in a short time leave the code on the internet for a very long time, and abusers know how to find those contents and use them for the abuse.

A mother is talking to her two children about staying safe online

Explain that Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and tweeter are fun if they use them wisely. But if they connect with people, they don’t know those people can steal their identity or abuse their presence on the internet in many dangerous ways.

Use the internet with caution

If you are not confident in your child and its safety on the internet, you can always place smart barriers and block specific content. Learning from Google is an excellent way for expanding kid’s knowledge, and it is good for a kid to be connected with friends and relatives via social networks, but, make their profile private, which will prevent abusers reach for their attention.

You might think that keeping your child safe is challenging, but people were always concerned about child safety. In the past, we had to teach children not to talk to strangers or take sweets from them. However, today with advanced technology, it is up to parents to bring their child safety to another, virtual level.

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