How To Keep Your House Clean In 10 Minutes A Day – For Free!

Keeping a house clean is not as difficult as most people think when you take a few small daily steps and spread the work throughout the week. Here’s how to keep your house clean and ditch your cleaner to save money.

In this article about cleaning your house in 10 minutes yourself for free we shall examine:

  • The importance of living in a clean home
  • How you can clean in 10 minutes
  • Starting a deep clean
  • How to find time to clean
  • Making cleaning a daily habit

Why is it important to live in a clean and tidy home?

Studies show that living in grime and clutter can affect our mental health by making us feel unhappy and inducing feelings of stress and guilt. Not having a tidy home was also shown to decrease creativity and productivity meaning that we are not operating to our full potential.

Living in grime and clutter can  affect our mental health

Paying a cleaner is the easy option for many but that extra unnecessary expense from a monthly budget could leave a person in need of a payday loan when an unexpected bill crops up. We’ve come up with cleaning tips that will allow any person who has a busy schedule to keep on top of cleaning chores on a daily basis with minimum effort.

How can a house be cleaned in 10 minutes?

There’s a simple answer to that question – it can’t! You cannot clean a house in 10 minutes a day but it is possible to maintain an already thoroughly cleaned house. So this is where you need to start in order to make this possible.

It will take you a day to thoroughly cleanse your home or if you have a tight schedule, you must make the effort to do a few hours in your spare time daily for a week.

It will take you a day to thoroughly cleanse your home or if you have a tight schedule, you must make the effort to do a few hours in your spare time daily for a week. The results and the new way that you will be able to live will be worth all the hard work. Remember, nothing feels as good as walking into a sweet-smelling, clean home.

Where should you start the deep clean?

Start in the kitchen where you will probably have the most to do. Disinfect all surfaces and the sink, then move on to the windows to let the light shine in on your hard work. Dust light fittings, blinds and clean electrical points, skirting boards, doors and light switches to remove scuff marks and fingerprints. Give the electrical appliances a thorough degrease, clean out the fridge and then you can finally sweep and wash the floor.

A woman is cleaning the bathroom at her house

The bath, shower and toilet should be thoroughly cleaned and all surfaces wiped with disinfectant. Dust blinds and light fittings and clean the windows. Wipe down doors and fingerprints from walls and light switches.

Work your way through the living room and bedrooms, vacuum carpets and rugs, dust light fittings blinds and furniture. Wash down doors, skirting boards and light switches to remove black marks and fingerprints. Clean mirrors and windows and de-clutter the place of things that make it look a mess that you don’t need.

When deep-cleaning, it is better to start in the kitchen where you will probably have the most to do.

So what have we learned so far?

  • Living in a dirty, cluttered home makes people feel guilty and stressed
  • Cutting monthly expenses such as a cleaner could save you having to take a payday loan
  • Before being able to keep a home in clean in 10 minutes it must be deep cleansed
  • Start in the kitchen by cleaning surfaces, appliances and windows
  • Move on to the bathroom by thoroughly cleaning every surface
  • The rest of the house will need hoovering, polishing and every surface being wiped down

Where will I find the time each day to upkeep my clean home?

The best way to see how you spend your time is to write down your schedule and see where you have a 10-minute gap. Remember, we can do things fast or slow, the choice is ours. You can whiz around your home with the hoover or slide it across the floors at a leisurely pace. Remind yourself to be a whiz!

A father is showing his son how to clean the floor

There are times when you are at home doing things that you have to wait a little time for that could be utilised to get some cleaning done. Think about wiping kitchen surfaces when you are waiting for a pot of coffee to brew or cleaning the bathroom while you have conditioner on your hair. Use commercial breaks to clear up and dust the living room while you are watching your favourite program on TV.

Make cleaning your home a daily habit

Once you have your home thoroughly cleaned it will be very easy to keep on top of the cleaning as long as you stay disciplined and do a job each day. One day vacuum downstairs and take another to do the upper floor. Dust the house in a quick 10 minutes and the following day clean an appliance in your kitchen.

Once you have your home thoroughly cleaned, it is easy to keep it that way

If you live as part of a family enlist their help too in a concentrated 10-minute cleaning frenzy by all. You will be amazed at the amount of work that you can get done together in a quick burst as a team.

So what can we conclude about cleaning your house for free in 10 minutes?

There is nothing nicer than walking into a sweet smelling clean home after a hard day’s work. A cleaner is an expense that could be saved each month to bump up spending money and avoid needing payday loans. The secret of a home that can be cleaned in 10 minutes daily is the fact that you are not really cleaning, just up keeping the hard work that needs to be done once during a single day or spread throughout a week.

Working fast and making the most of time when you are waiting for something like coffee or your favourite TV programme is key to finding extra time in your daily routine when you are already active. Maintaining your initial deep-clean is the secret.

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