Revamp Your House On A Budget

By making a few repairs and adjustments in your home, without breaking the bank, you can give yourself a mental boost and feel much happier in your home. With a little thought and some spare cash and elbow grease you’ll me amazed at what you can accomplish.

In this article about revamping up your home on a budget we shall examine:

  • The benefits of de-cluttering
  • Deep cleaning a home
  • Fixing broken things and using light
  • Updating accessories and fixtures
  • Painting the place
  • Replacing old furniture
  • Revamping a kitchen

How to avoid the need for expensive home repairs

Regular maintenance on a property is key to avoiding expensive repairs that can be needed once further damage has occurred through neglect. You don’t have to spend thousands of pounds on a complete makeover to spruce up your home and make it a much nicer place to live in. That probably won’t add thousands to the price of your home and can cost a lot of money. Instead, aim for a few small jobs in the places that matter the most to lift your mood and improve your well being.

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Start by throwing away all your junk

It has been scientifically proven that de-cluttering a home can have a profound effect on a persons mental health. The main reason for this is that a lot of clutter has memories and emotional baggage and can constantly remind a person that they should clear it up, there fore making them feel inadequate. It can also enter a person’s mind several times a day as a reminder that they should be clearing up and affect concentration levels on more important things. De-cluttering a room will make it feel brighter, more spacious and give it a peaceful, relaxing feel.

A couple are clearing out their storage space as part of spring cleaning

Give your home a deep clean

You may find that after giving your home a deep clean that it really does not need much more doing to it. A deep clean means paying attention to carpets, furniture fabric, curtains and washing every available surface and walls. It will surprise you how dirty a house can become when it is only given a quick clean, as most people do not have time whilst juggling a job and a social life to do much more. You will be amazed at the difference that your clutter free and spotless home will have on your mood.

You may find that after giving your home a deep clean that it really does not need much more doing to it.

Fix anything that is broken and let the light in

Lighting can have a profound effect on our mood so if you are fortunate enough to have large windows, give them a good clean to let the maximum amount of light into your home. Choose soft lighting options in the evenings that will give your home a relaxing feel and save money on energy bills. Make a list of all the broken things in your home and fix them. Just by going around your home with a screwdriver to tighten up lapsed cupboard door hinges, a huge visual difference can be made.

So what have we learned so far?

  • You can spruce up your living space without breaking the bank
  • Maintaining a home saves money on costly repairs in the future
  • Start by throwing away all your junk for better mental health
  • Give your home a deep clean
  • Once the clutter and dirt has vanished you may find that it is enough
  • Fix broken items and fill your home with light

Maintaining a home saves money  on costly repairs in the future

Update accessories and door handles

You can give your home a whole new feel by updating mirrors, art work on the walls and the other ornaments around your home. Choose new pictures that you will adore looking at to make you feel happy. Choose some healthy air purifying plants to bring some greenery into your home and detoxify your environment. If you do not have green-fingers, then add some good quality silk blooms such as hydrangeas that can look almost real and very classy. Old, tired looking light fixtures, door handles and furniture knobs can be replaced cheaply and make a huge difference.

Give your home a lick of paint

If you are on a really tight budget then choose the paint over any other costly items. A freshly painted house will give the place a fresh clean feel and a colour change could make a huge difference. If you want to save more money then just paint a feature wall or skirting boards and coving to attract attention away from the other tired looking walls.

A woman is sitting on the floor of her home where she's carrying out budget renovation by freshly painting

Replace worn curtains and furniture

By replacing curtains with a new, modern looking pair or with a streamlined looking blind the room can be given a whole new feel. Cover any old furniture with a smart new throw or check out ways to get some new second hand furniture. Car boot sales, charity shops and Facebook pages that allow people to give their old furniture for free are all around and easy to find. Coffee tables or other wooden furniture could be given a coat of varnish or paint to make them look brand new.

By replacing curtains with a new, modern looking pair or with a streamlined looking blind the room can be given a whole new feel.

Questions on renovating your house

How do you renovate a house?

Some steps that you can generally follow when renovating your house are as follows. You should first make a list of the tasks and items required before starting out. You should decide how much work you are able to or willing to do yourself. You should plan your budget and decide where you will stay while renovations take place. You should do a little at a time, especially if you decide to take on a lot of the work by yourself. Finally, don’t hesitate to consult professionals if you are uncertain about how to proceed with complex renovation work.

Is it cheaper to remodel or build a new house?

If you have the option to do so, remodelling your house can be a much cheaper option compared to tearing down an old building and starting from scratch. The technical and procedural costs associated by building from the start are significantly higher compared to a house remodelling or a home renovation.

Do you need an architect to renovate a house?

An architect or designer can be an invaluable resource for larger home renovation or remodelling projects. In some cases, if you are remodelling, a building permit may be required, therefore mandating the input of a professional for the process to move forward. For minor renovation work, such as cosmetics, using an architect or designer may be an unnecessary expense, especially if you have taken out a home improvement loan.

Buy new efficient energy saving kitchen appliances

By replacing a worn out kitchen appliance with a bright shiny new one, not only would the kitchen look smarter but new appliances can reduce energy bills, saving you money. You could replace an old kitchen worktop or try and replace old fashioned wall tiles with a brightly painted splash panel. Tiles can be painted with special paints that are suitable for tiles or re-grouted with fresh, new white grout. Replace kitchen accessories with some bright new ones or invest in a new, modern looking kettle and toaster.

So what can we conclude about revamping your home on a budget?

You don’t have to spend thousands on sprucing up a home to see a massive difference. A good clean and de-clutter, some new accessories and fixtures and a lot of hard work can completely change your living space into somewhere that makes you feel relaxed and happy to live in.

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