If You Won the Lottery Where Would You Go For A Luxury Holiday?

We all love to dream about the type of holidays we would go on if money was no option. While most of us spend the year looking forward to and saving up for two weeks of annual leave and the family holiday to Spain, Italy or Greece, we can still daydream about the ‘what if?’

What if you won the lottery?

As in, ‘what if we won the lottery?’ Obviously, the only way to really get involved in this game is by entering a lottery – you’ve got to be in it to win it. Now for the game. It’s one you can play around the dinner table, at the pub, at work and with the whole family. The answers are commonly, ‘pay off the mortgage, buy a bigger house or upgrade the car’. But one thing most of us consider first is taking a luxury holiday to get away from it all.

Considering destinations

First up, where do you want to go? Luxury holidays these days are all about the experience: walking over the Sydney Harbour Bridge, flying over the Grand Canyon, stalking elephants in the Ngoro Ngoro Crater, scuba diving with triggerfish on the Great Barrier Reef or just setting up shop on a private beach somewhere in the Caribbean. The choices are endless.

An exotic island that is popular for luxury holidaying

A luxury adventure holiday is something the kids will never forget. A two-week trip to Yellowstone National Park could include a tailored wildlife and nature guide, where they could see bears, wildcats or mountain lions. There’s the chance for them learn new skills like riding a horse, fishing or shooting – let them embrace their inner cowboy or girl!

A trip to colder climes might be your idea of a dream holiday and there’s definitely ‘snow’ place like home at the Kirkenes Hotel in Norway, made entirely of snow. Each room is individually modelled and decorated with snow and ice sculptures. If the snow is too much to bear, there are also cabins to sleep in, with floor to ceiling windows offering a cinematic-style view of the Northern Lights. Other activities involve skiing, husky sledding, snowmobiles and fishing for king crab while traveling through an ice-locked Fjord, conjuring images of famous animated frozen-films.

Arranging your luxury holiday

Of course, for a lottery winner, going the extra mile won’t seem so far. You can let a bespoke travel service do all the hard work for you. Luxury travel services like Quintessentially or Bon Vivant can tailor a holiday to suit your family’s every desire. These little extras can mean a concierge service to cater for any whim you might have while away, being picked up from your doorstep and enjoying VIP treatment all the way to your business class seats or having room service during your entire stay. It could even include getting seats at unbookable restaurants, sold out shows or last-minute sporting events.

You can let a bespoke travel service do all the hard work for you.

So once you’ve got your ticket in hand (or saved to your emails), sit down with the family and chat away – we’re sure you can come up with even wilder and more wonderful ideas.

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