Top 50cc Mopeds For First-Time Buyers On A Budget

Top 50cc Mopeds For First-Time Buyers On A Budget

Whether you’re attracted to the idea of never having to pay for parking, or you’re charmed by the thrill and freedom that a car may not be able to give, there are plenty of reasons why buying and insuring a moped as a first vehicle is a great idea.

While there are plenty of mopeds to choose from, not all are as budget-friendly as you might like. So to help you decide which moped is best for you and your wallet, this article looks at five of the best and most affordable 50cc mopeds.

Piaggio Zip – One of the most popular mopeds

No matter which model you opt for, the Piaggio Zip is known for its beautiful simplicity. With sleek, wraparound plastic bodywork, a large comfortable seat and useful storage space located underneath, the Piaggio Zip is perfect for first-time buyers. The twist-and-go nature of this wonderful little moped makes it easy to ride and handle. It is also lightweight and surprisingly speedy for a 50cc machine.

A moped rider shown in traffic on a UK street

This little speed-machine is not only aesthetically pretty, it is also very reliable and practical – especially for commuters wishing to weave in and out of busy city traffic to get where they need to go. Depending on the condition, age and mileage, you’ll be looking at spending anything between £400 to £2,000 on this zippy moped – the latter if you’re looking for a brand new model. But if you don’t mind opting for a second-hand ride, you can usually get a good-quality Zip for around £1,000.

Honda Vision 50

Reliable, economical and easy-to-ride, the Honda Vision 50 is one of the most popular picks around. The Honda Vision tackles congested streets and handles filtering like a boss due to its sleek shape and lightweight nature. This reputable runaround also features a spacious, comfortable seat which could easily fit two full-grown adults and is great for lengthy commutes. While it’s slightly more expensive than the Piaggio Zip, the Honda Vision is still very affordable. For a good-quality second hand model, you’ll probably want to spend around £1,200, although you can get ones for as cheap as £650 if you’re on a tight budget.


Not only is this particular moped very affordable from the offset, starting at around £600 for a decent model, the WK TTR 50’s sporty, edgy nature makes it one of a kind. You can even get a brand new model for as little as £1,399.

Mopeds are affordable to buy, cheap to insure, tax and MOT

You don’t have to worry about not being seen either as the WK TTR 50 comes in two dazzling colour schemes – vivid yellow and white or stylish red and black. Featuring a 4 stroke air cooled engine and returning over 130 mpg, you’re not only getting the bang for your buck, but you’re investing in a truly economical ride which is as reliable as it is stunning.

Baotian Falcon 50R

Another sporty, head-turner is the Baotian Falcon 50R which features all the bells and whistles you could hope for, including multi-spoke alloys, a carbon fibre finished mudguard, adjustable rear suspension, LED lamps and halogen headlights. Similar in price to the WK TTR 50, the Falcon costs as little as £450 for a second-hand model, and approximately £1,399 for a brand new one.

Two-stroke engine mopeds, such as the Baotian Falcon 50R, offer more power to zip around any busy city.

The Baotian Falcon features a two-stroke engine, giving it enough power to zip around any busy city with ease. Designed for comfort as well as speed, the Falcon features a spectacular split colour seat, perfect for two people. The power of the two-stroke motor is only matched by the stopping power of its disc brakes front and rear.

Peugeot Kisbee – One of the most powerful mopeds

With a punchy four-stroke engine, the Peugeot Kisbee is rather powerful for a 50cc, making it a very popular pick for first-time buyers. To buy one of these bad boys, you’re looking at spending anything from £900 to £1,699 – a great deal for what you’re getting. Featuring a large seat fit for two and retractable footrests with a bag-hook and two helmet-hooks on the seat hinge, the Kisbee is both comfortable and practical.

A moped speedometer on a vintage bike

You only have to glance at the Kisbee to know that it’s a stylish little ride. Featuring elegant chrome headlights and available in a variety of stunning colours including red, black, blue and grey, the Kisbee is as stunning as it is reliable.

Should you buy a moped if you are on a budget?

Not only are mopeds like these beauties cheap to buy, they are cheap to insure, tax and MOT. So if you’re on a budget, you can easily make that money go very far. Whether you’re seeking a sporty head-turner or an easy-to-ride runaround, there are plenty of mopeds out there to suit any budget.