Travel Insurance For Over 60s Explained


Travelling at 60 is fun! Think about it – you’ve got your bucket list, a lot of time on your hands, and no kids to look after. Whether it’s an adventure holiday through the jungle, cruising, weekend getaway or visiting friends and family abroad, you can’t wait to get out and discover the world. To protect yourself while travelling, you need travel insurance. Find out with The FamilyMoney Team all the things you need to know before taking out a travel insurance policy, especially if you have any pre existing medical conditions.


Travel insurance is essential travel insurance to cover any mishaps that might happen. You don’t have to take personal liability for them. The best thing about these plans is that they don’t just cover emergency medical expenses–they also protect against delayed or lost baggage and trip cancellation due to illness or pre-existing medical conditions. Amazing, right?

But we bet you have some questions: How much travel cover do you need? What types of cover are there? Let us tell you about all your options and help with your decision to get that travel insurance over 60!

What Is Travel Insurance Over 60?

First things first! Travel insurance for over 60s is personalised travel insurance tailored to suit your medical and travel needs. Most over 60 travel insurance have no upper age limit and covers several medical conditions you may suffer when travelling.

Medical treatment abroad can be expensive, and you need to be covered for any pre-existing medical condition or unforeseen incidents. Things can also go wrong at your destination. You could slip and fall, you might have your baggage lost or stolen, or you might have to cancel your holiday unexpectedly.

This plan is the most comprehensive you can get as it covers your medical, holiday insurance and legal expenses abroad. Insurance for over 60s covers you for a certain number of days you are abroad. How many trips you take doesn’t matter, but you will only be covered for the specific number of days you purchased your policy for.

Over 60s Travel Insurance Policy Features

Most travel insurance services offer three levels of over 60 travel insurance for single trips and annual trip policies. One of the best perks is having cancellation cover.

Depending on the number of days you want to purchase, you can get insurance that covers you for any medical emergencies you might need while you are abroad.

  • Theft or loss of your belongings
  • Cancellation fees (cancellation cover)
  • Passport and visa costs (in some cases)

If you are travelling within the UK, you may still want to take out travel insurance for travel in the UK to protect yourself from theft or loss of belongings.

Most travel insurances for over 60s have no upper age limit. - Family Money

Who Is Travel Insurance Over 60 For?

While you may feel you don’t need over 60s travel insurance cover, you certainly don’t want to find yourself in a position where you wish you had it and cannot buy it due to your age or poor health. It’s essential to understand what travel insurance cover for older people entails and who it is for.

Insurance for over 60s is suitable for you if you are going on a life-changing trip like cruising or hiking. This type of insurance is for covering medical conditions, whether unseen or pre-existing medical conditions. But, you might also want to consider this option if you have pre-existing health issues or are going on a cruise or more adventurous holiday.

Suppose you have several travel insurance covers to choose from and find a good policy and feel you might need extra days of cover. In that case, you can always purchase an additional cover period without much trouble. When you buy travel insurance over 60, you will choose the days you want your insurance to cover you for.

The insurance industry has different options, and from a registered office, you will look at which policies offer you the most cover per day, depending on where you are going and how long you are staying there.

Types of Over 60s Travel Insurance

There are two types of travel insurance for over 60s: standard plan and annual multi-trip policies.

A standard policy is a single trip travel insurance. It’s a good option if you have saved up your money to go on a once in a lifetime trip. You can choose between 1-30 days of cover, depending on the insurance you purchase.

If you are going abroad for multiple trips, you will need a multi-trip annual policy. You will be able to choose the inclusions you want your annual travel insurance to have.

This is perfect if you go on long holidays you want to be covered for as much as possible, especially with your pre-existing medical conditions. You don’t know how long you will need treatment or if you might need medication you can only get abroad.

Why Do You Need Over 60’s Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance for over 60s covers you if you are over 60, embarking on an adventure you have been craving for years, and you want to make sure you are covered in case something goes wrong. You may have your insurance services limited if you don’t declare your conditions.

Travel insurance over 60 is your best option if you:

  • Have a pre-existing medical condition or other pre-existing conditions
  • Are going on a cruise or other more adventurous holiday
  • Want to travel outside your home country, or you will be crossing borders
  • Are going to a destination you have always dreamed of visiting
  • Plan on going backpacking or hitchhiking
  • Are doing extreme sports such as bungee jumping, skydiving and white water rafting

Sometimes for extreme sports, you may need a separate sports travel insurance.

Travel insurance is absolutely essential if you have any pre-existing medical condition.

Who Is Eligible for Over 60 Travel Insurance?

To qualify for medical travel insurance, you have to meet some criteria that will depend on the insurance provider you choose. You might also be asked if you have had any recent check-ups or medical visits, and you might even need to get your doctor’s consent.

The insurer you choose will also define which medical conditions you are not covered for, meaning they will be your personal liability. You, therefore, need to make sure you read all the fine print carefully before you make your purchase.

The medical conditions you are not covered for will usually depend on your age, so you need to keep that in mind when you purchase your plan. This will also translate to the medical bills you might have to incur personally.

If you have pre-existing health issues such as asthma or high blood pressure, you might be able to get travel insurance over 70 if your doctor confirms you are stable.

How Do You Decide on the Right Over 60s Travel Insurance?

When you buy over 60’s travel insurance, you need to make sure you buy the right plan that will give you the peace of mind you deserve. You can look at different options and compare what you get for your money. You will also want to understand precisely what you are covered for.

With over 60’s travel insurance, you don’t want to waste money on a plan you will never use. Instead, you want to make sure you are covered for the specific amount of time and places you plan on travelling, and you understand exactly what you get for your money.

Whether it is a single trip travel insurance or an annual policy travel insurance, it is advisable to look at all your options and choose the plan you think you will need instead of buying unnecessary cover you might never use. Ensure that your policy provides cover for emergency medical treatment to cater for any medical emergencies that may occur as well as pre-existing health conditions.

One crucial feature in a travel insurance policy for over 60s is emergency medical evacuation. This will cover you in case you need evacuation for special treatment back in the UK. UK contact centres will also come in handy when the need arises.

Before you settle on an option, you can seek advice from a registered office to help you understand what the options entail. You will also need to seek financial advice to plan your budget better.

Common Pre-existing Medical Conditions

There are many conditions that need to be declared when applying for essential travel insurance. If you don’t declare your pre-existing condition, they may not accept liability for your coverage. Common pre-existing medical conditions you need to declare include:

  • Heart conditions
  • Circulatory problems (high blood pressure or history of stroke)
  • Chronic illnesses (cancer)
  • Diabetes
  • Back pains and joint problems
  • Respiratory issues including asthma
  • Cystic fibrosis
When you buy travel insurance, you’ll need to answer questions about any current medical conditions - FamilyMoney

Cruise Travel Insurance for Over 60s

A cruise is often one of the most popular types of travel, especially among the older generations. It’s a great way of combining luxury and relaxation into one fantastic holiday. But you will need to make sure your holiday cover is in place before you embark on your cruise.

Cruise travel insurance includes cover and protects you and remains valid when you’re onboard a cruise ship. It provides cruise specific cover, including cabin confinement, denied boarding, missed port departure costs, and you will be covered for any doctor and hospital fees you might need while you are abroad.

Cover for Sports and Recreation Activities

Sports have no age limit, and you should always make sure you are covered if you want to go skiing or snorkelling while you are abroad. You can get cover that protects you for most sports and leisure activities you might want to engage in.

These include typical sporting activities like football and baseball or risky activities like winter sports. Winter sports cover any accidents that may occur when skiing or snowboarding while you are away. Having suitable cover will ensure you get medical care in case you get an injury from the sports.

But make sure you understand what your policy covers you for, especially if you will be participating in other sporting activities. Your insurance provider might charge you an extra cover premium if you plan to engage in any sporting activities during travel. Always check with your provider to clarify what is covered. It’s important to know before your trip what you are covered for. Not knowing your full rights can lead you to requiring short term loans to help cover expenses.

How Is Over 60 Travel Insurance in the UK Calculated?

Before issuing a travel insurance premium, a travel insurance provider factors several things to determine your risk category. Note, with Covid-19 continuing to wreak havoc, if you have had a positive diagnosis or are under treatment for any medical condition, you need to state it during the quote process. This will help in case you need to self-isolate.

To calculate your over 60s travel insurance, the insurer factors in:

  • Your age
  • Any pre-existing medical conditions
  • Your current state of health
  • Preferred destination and type of activities you will engage in

This means you might have to pay more for your medical insurance if you have a pre-existing condition. For most travel insurance providers, you need to undergo additional tests and present your doctor’s note before being covered. UK contact centres will help you understand the calculations better.

For travel guidance during the pandemic, go to

In the UK in 2020, 568,000 individuals and families claimed travel insurance. Source: IPX

What Affects the Price of Travel Insurance in Your 60s?

Several factors can significantly impact the cost of your travel insurance over 60:

  • Your Age – the older you are, the higher the price. This is because insurance providers factor in your age as you are more likely to encounter health problems.
  • Pre-existing health conditions – some common medical conditions will make you a higher risk for your insurance provider, and you might have to pay extra for this. More serious medical conditions can also push the cost higher.
  • The number of days you want your travel insurance to cover you – the more the days you wish to travel, the more you have to pay
  • The destination you are travelling to – some destinations have a higher risk of encountering health problems, so you might have to pay extra for this. Travelling to the Caribbean or or travel to the USA is more expensive than Europe due to emergency medical expenses and treatment costs.

Which Is the Best Travel Insurance for Over 60s in the UK?

The best travel insurance for over the 60s is the premium that gives you the best value for your money. This is the policy you can afford, and you feel you will get a lot of cover from it. Be sure to research and compare travel insurance companies.

An excellent way to work out how much you want to pay for a premium is by looking at your budget and determining how much you can afford for travel insurance. You can also purchase specialist travel insurance if you need special treatment. There are many specialist providers for you or a family member to choose from for specialist cover.

Having travel insurance for over 60s means you can relax on your holiday knowing your medical expenses are fully covered.

When Should You Apply?

You should apply for senior travellers insurance from a trusted travel insurance provider as you are finalising your travel plans. Most policies will not be valid if you buy them after you have departed, so you need to get them right the first time.

Conduct your own research and compare travel insurance providers. This will ensure you pick a policy and find suitable cover that has enough days you can use, covering you where you plan to go. Going without insurance means you choose to travel at your own risk.

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Travel Insurance over 60s FAQS

What Pre-existing Medical Condition Do You Have to Include for Travel Insurance?
To make your travel insurance premium cost-effective, you should declare some personal details, such as any pre-existing conditions you may have. Include all your pre-existing medical conditions and your medical history in general during the quote process. Even a mild medical condition you think you got rid of might incur some additional charges on you, so you should be prepared for any circumstance.
How Much Can You Expect to Pay for Travel Insurance Over 60?
That depends on a few things, including the type of policy you purchase and how you plan your journey. You can take advantage of some cheap options if you are willing to forgo some additional benefits that might come with more expensive products. On average, your travel insurance premium will cost between 4-12% of the total trip cost.
Which Company Provides Travel Insurance For Over 70s in the UK?
The best company for over 70s travel insurance will depend on what your plans are for travelling. Research will give you more information about what each one offers and which one meets your needs. The important thing is to compare prices and benefits to see which one has both quality coverage and benefits at an affordable price point.
Can I Get Travel Insurance Over 80 in the UK?
Some but not all insurers will cover you over 80 while travelling. Insurance companies base the cost of travel insurance on your age, pre-existing conditions and destination. You can compare quotes from providers to find an affordable policy for you or a family member over 80.