Fun Family Activities That Are Cheap Or Free In Britain

Although we’d all like to take our kids to theme parks on days off or during the school holidays, the expenses can soon pile up. However, there are many other fun family activities that you can do which cost little, or even nothing. In this article we look at:

  • Indoor activities that are free and fun
  • Cheap outdoor family activities
  • More free and cheap options for fun family activities

What indoor activities are free and fun for families?

With the minimum of expenditure, there are many enjoyable family activities which you can do at home with your children. Going through your children’s cupboards, you’ll be sure to find plenty of traditional board games that you can play together as a family. Make it more fun by organising a mini-tournament. Card games, picture consequences and battleships can also keep the whole family entertained.

Art and craft activities are very popular with kids of all ages and both sexes

Art and craft activities are also very popular with kids of all ages and both sexes. There are many suggestions on the internet, and they don’t require much outlay apart from the stationery supplies you already have at home or the use of old plastic bottles, etc. Under your supervision, children can also follow some simple recipes and/or do some baking.

What are some cheap family outdoor activities?

A family day out doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Get your children to help you prepare a picnic and take a walk to your local park. Apart from a visit to the playground, take a ball with you or arrange games for them to use up excess energy such as chase.

A family is shown outdoors on a picnic

You should also keep an eye on the local press, social media or community notice boards for details of day events arranged for children. These are often heavily subsidised and can be very economical.

Alternatively, you could find out about events arranged by your local authority at your nearest leisure centre. From swimming to archery, some of the activities are family-orientated, and you might be entitled to a discount if the whole family joins in. Cinemas and theatres often have cheap family tickets or special offers for matinee performances. Book early and you’ll be able to see an entertaining family film or play at a bargain price.

What other free family activities are there?

The UK is still one of the few countries where many museums and art galleries are completely free. Check your local area to see what is on the doorstep and arrange a visit there, or to sights of historical interest. The key to entertaining children is to limit your visit to no more than an hour when boredom inevitably sets in.

As well as neighbouring parks, the UK has many places of natural beauty within easy access of urban areas. Take the children to visit a local canal, river, lake or forest. Many organisations such as the Forestry Commission have downloadable informational worksheets for children or have nature trails for them to follow. Not only are such activities fun, but they’re educational too. Alternatively, with a little preparation, you could prepare a treasure hunt when kids have to tick off things they have seen.

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