Top Ten Holiday Advice Tips From International Travel Experts

When it comes to planning and booking any international travel, there are a few things you should bear in mind to ensure your experience is as enjoyable as possible. The guide below shows the 10 best holiday advice tips from experts in international travel.

1. Make sure you’ve got the correct currency for the best exchange rates

One of the best pieces of advice from international travel experts is that you should ensure you’ve got the correct currency for the place that you’re travelling to. There are numerous places that you can purchase your travel money from, including high street travel money bureaux, supermarkets with bureau de change, credit unions and many large banks.

As well as ensuring you get the correct currency for where you’re travelling to (remember not every country in the EU uses the Euro, for example), you should also make sure you get the best exchange rate possible..

2. Save for your holiday well in advance of your trip

Another great piece of advice from holiday experts is that you should be saving for your trip well in advance.

your EHIC card may cover you for any costs incurred during your European trip

With international travel especially, you’re likely going to be spending much more money on food, flights and accommodation than if you were just travelling to a small country in Europe, for example. Try and set a savings goal for the amount of money you want to put away each month in order to save as much money as possible before you travel.

3. Have the right travel insurance before you travel

Ensuring that you have the right level of travel insurance before you go is imperative. While your EHIC card may cover you for any costs incurred during your European trip, when it comes to international travel, you’ll need to have the correct level of travel insurance.

Accidents and incidents can occur regardless of where you are in the world and while it’s not nice to think about, it’s always better to be well prepared than to arrive at your destination and have to pay extortionate medical bills if something happens.

4. Don’t forget your vaccinations

Before any international travel, you should always check with your doctor to see if there are any health risks with travelling to the place you’re going to. In some cases of international travel (if you’re visiting places such as Africa and South East Asia, for example), you may be required to receive vaccinations before you travel.

A man is shown exchanging travel money in cash

Some of these countries actually make it a legal requirement for you to be vaccinated before you enter the country, so make sure you check well in advance of your trip.

5. Stay safe in the sun

One obvious, albeit incredibly important piece of advice from international travel experts, is to always stay safe in the sun.

On your international trip, you may be visiting very hot countries where the sun and warm temperatures are ever-present. In this case, you need to ensure you’re fully protected by using an appropriate SPF, covering up when possible and always staying as hydrated as possible.

6. Pack lightly and efficiently

When it comes to travelling anywhere in the world, the last thing you want to be doing is carrying a large suitcase full of stuff around. Experts in international travel recommend packing as lightly and efficiently as possible and only taking the bare essentials that you’ll need. Not only will your arms and back be thankful for the weight off them, but it also means that you’re likely to enjoy your trip more if you don’t have to worry about ensuring all your belongings are safe all the time.

7. Try to learn a few key phrases of the destination you’re travelling to

There are approximately 7000 languages spoken around the world, with only 23 of those accounting for more than half the world’s population; so chances are, that wherever you’re travelling to, English might not be the common tongue.

While many countries around the world have adopted English as a second or third language and will likely know a few common phrases, it shouldn’t always be expected. Therefore, when planning an international trip, you should think about learning a few key words and phrases of the place you’re travelling to. Not only will the locals appreciate the effort you’ve gone to, but it will also make your trip much easier and more enjoyable if you at least understand some of the basics.

8. Don’t forget the essentials

Similar to the point above about packing lightly and efficiently, you also need to ensure that you remember to bring all the essentials with you. These include (but are not limited to) things like your passport, insurance documents, sun cream, relevant currency and any other important documents that you may be required to provide upon entering another country.

9. Notify your bank before you travel

One of the most important tips when it comes to money and travelling internationally is that you should always notify your bank of your plans before you go.

A family is shown on an excursion while on holiday

This is so they don’t suspend your bank account if they perceive any activity on your account to be unusual. If you usually live in London but have travelled internationally to China for example, your bank may detect it as fraudulent activity and therefore shut your account, thus leaving you without any money.

10. Pre-book excursions and activities before you go

Another great tip to bear in mind is that you should pre-book activities and excursions before you go. If you’re travelling to a popular destination such as Beijing or India for example, you may find that there is limited or no availability on the things you want to do when you arrive. In order to avoid disappointment, you should always pre-book activities before you travel.

Conclusion – expert advice on international travel

Whether it’s for work or pleasure, an international trip can be incredibly exciting, providing that you bear in mind the above tips from expert travellers with regards to money, insurance and safety while you’re away.

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