Taking A Family Holiday Within Britain

Exploring the UK is becoming a more attractive family holiday option especially for those with young children. It gives holidaymakers the interest of new places but with the familiarity of similar food, etc. For many, a domestic family holiday is much more affordable than paying for flights and accommodation abroad too. In this article we take a look at:

  • Calculating your holiday entitlement
  • Do you need travel insurance to travel within the UK?
  • Hiring a car for UK travel

How can I calculate my holiday entitlement?

According to research conducted by the TUC in July 2018, 1 in 12 British employees aren’t getting the statutory annual leave that they’re entitled to. You’re entitled to 28 days of paid statutory holiday leave (or 5.6 weeks per year) from the very first day of your job. Employers are legally allowed to include the 8 annual Bank Holidays within this amount.

Less than half of Britons holidaying in the UK take out travel insurance

If you don’t work full-time, you can calculate your holiday entitlement by multiplying the number of days you work per week by 5.6. There are different rules for people who work irregular hours or days.

Do I need travel insurance for travelling within the UK?

It has been estimated that less than half of Britons holidaying in the UK take out travel insurance. One of the main reasons is that the NHS gives them complete health cover totally free of charge wherever they travel in the country. However, domestic tourists aren’t covered for the possible loss, theft or damage to their personal belongings. Although you might assume you’re covered by your home contents insurance policy, you should check its terms and conditions carefully. If necessary, extra cover can be added to an existing policy.

A picture of Cornwall, UK, a popular attraction for tourists

Another way you could lose out financially is if you have to cancel or interrupt your holidays because of ill health or family emergency or any financial loss because of delays. In such situations, you should consider how much you stand to lose (for example, in pre-paid bookings) before deciding whether travel insurance is worth it.

If you are a regular traveller, you might have an annual travel insurance which covers both foreign and domestic travel. However, it might be invalid under certain circumstances such as for breaks shorter than 2-3 days or ones which aren’t at least 25-50 miles from your home.

Is it a good idea to hire a car for UK travel?

Whether to rent a car on a family holiday within the UK primarily depends on your destination. For many city breaks, a hire car would be more trouble than it was worth in terms of finding parking especially as most UK cities have an adequate public transport system. For sights further afield, there are often organised coach trips for tourists.

However, if you wish to explore more remote areas, hiring a car might be a good idea. You should always pre-book, take out the basic package and avoid paying for costly add-ons such as extra insurance to cover your excess in case of an accident. This cover can be much cheaper from your own insurer. You should also always check the car hire company’s policy regarding fuel and mileage so as not to be overcharged.

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