UK Company Excellence Award

Rewarding UK companies providing excellent service and care to customers.

UK Company Excellence Award is a leading online magazine devoted to helping families in the UK understand finance, save money and get the maximum value for your family.

Since our launch we have provided many of our website visitors with high grade information about critical areas of the finance industry that may affect their lives, such as insurance, loans, mortgages, energy bills, online shopping and much more.

On many occasions we have been asked by consumers to recommend companies in these areas of finance. While we cannot give personal advice to our website visitors, here are we decided to go one step further and create an award that recognises UK companies who, in our view, go the extra mile for their clients and customers.

What Is The Family Money UK Company Excellence Award?

The Family Money UK Company Excellence Award does exactly as it says on the tin – it recognises UK finance companies that lead by example and provide outstanding service to their customers. We have established a key set of areas we investigate before deciding if a company qualifies for our award, these areas are:

  • Website Security
  • Transparency
  • Ease Of Contact
  • Privacy and GDPR compliance
  • Genuine Validated Reviews
  • Feedback From Real Customers
  • Fair Complaints Procedure

Family Money UK Company Excellence Award Winners


Congratulations to CASHFLOAT.CO.UK – The first winner of the Family Money UK Company Excellence Award!

Cashfloat are a UK based loans company offering second-to-none service to their customers. This client-focused company sets a shining example of excellent conduct, with issues such as customer protection, website security and top grade customer service being at the centre of the company operations. Here at we were particularly impressed with their customer reviews, real person customer service and responsible lending practices.

We highly recommend our viewers to visit for short to medium term borrowing solutions.


How To Apply For The Award

If you are a UK finance related company you may apply for our award by simply contacting us on the email address below. If your company qualifies you will be contacted by someone from to discuss your application.

To submit your company for consideration, email your details to